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Hi, I’m Jere

Entrepreneur, seasoned Sysadmin, tech enthusiast, DIY projects lover and hungry learner, I enjoy building anything that comes to my imagination. Now automating my house and discovering the world of internet of things, the smart home and related stuff. Curious by nature, I never stop tinkering with new technologies and projects. Also builder and pilot of racing drones.

I have created this blog primarily as a means of sharing my experiences in the world of technology and the smart home, in the hope that it can also help others on their way in similar areas. I also use it as a reminder of knowledge that I usually use to be able to return to it at any time. If any of the articles published here helps at least one person to move forward with something, it would have been worth it.

As a summary of what you can find here, but not limited only to these topics, I list some of them so that you can get the idea: Home Assistant, Computer security, tips and tricks on Linux/Unix, Raspberry Pi projects, Smart Home, IoT, cloud computing, Electronics, Arduino, Docker, …

If you have any question about these topics or want to provide any type of feedback, you can do it directly through this form.

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